When you become a Shirley Parsons contractor we will act as your agent to ensure the entire experience runs as smoothly as possible. We will guide you through all of the paperwork aspects, engage with the end client on your behalf, and provide you with a clear point of contact for any queries.

Our contract teams are constantly searching the market for future opportunities in order to ensure your continuity of work with us. Once you engage with us we are keen to maintain that relationship and provide you with a reliable and consistent service.

As well as finding you your next assignment we will continue to work with you and your new employer to ensure that you have the best possible opportunities to develop whilst on assignment.

We also work in partnership with some of our clients to provide a total staffing solution on certain projects. This entails forming an entire project team of contractors to ensure a standard staffing approach.
Please click here to view our current contract opportunities.

Please click here to view our current contract opportunities