Permanent Recruitment


Would you like a partner that can save you both time and money over the long term? A partner that can also add to the value you and your team bring to your business.

Hiring a permanent member of staff isn’t just about the ‘here and now’. It is about the future, about the value delivered to the organisation over a number of years. Get your hiring right and your business will benefit from the stability that low staff turnover brings.

We will take a detailed specification, and if necessary, help you scope the role. Our aim is for you to get a long-term return on investment, so understanding what kind of individual fits within your business will be as important as understanding the skills, experience and qualifications required. Our consultants are constantly meeting with candidates regardless of whether or not we have a live assignment for them, so we can provide a strong shortlist much faster than you will get anywhere else.

If your business is growing then we can offer extra support through our Just-in-Time (JIT) recruitment solution. This involves us working in partnership with your organisation to line up talent for future roles. By working in partnership we can develop an excellent understanding of your needs in order to secure a great return of investment on staff, plus happy hires that can grow their careers within your organisation. JIT also works for contract or temporary staffing models.

By partnering with Shirley Parsons Associates on permanent recruitment you can expect:


Access to ‘best fit’ top non-active job seekers lined up for your business


Highly productive and hassle-free interview days


Increased return on investment on staff spread over many years


Improved service and added value the longer our partnership lasts
If this appeals to you then please get in touch to discuss further. Case studies are available for clients who wish to understand how our JIT solution has worked in practice.