Gaining a thorough brief for a role is critical when searching for the top talent in the market, and we feel that the best way to guarantee this is via a structured meeting with senior stakeholders.We appreciate that every business has a unique culture and, in order to source appropriate candidates, we must understand the profile of people that have previously excelled within your organisation.We take control of the recruitment process at every stage. If the details of a position are unknown, we will work collaboratively with you to draft a job specification based on your needs and the key business outcomes you would expect from a successful appointment.


We uncover the talent pool relevant to an assignment through comprehensive industry mapping techniques, interrogating our executive referral networks and utilising our associations with national and international industry bodies. We are proactive in our approach, going beyond traditional primary resourcing methods.Our process identifies target companies and professionals, generating extensive benchmarking data that includes average market remuneration levels and competitor information.We have a unique source of in-house Health, Safety, & Environment expertise within our personal networks of executive contacts that extends across a diverse spectrum of disciplines and subsectors within Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality disciplines.


All organisations require an effective senior leadership team and we understand the value of sourcing candidates with the appropriate skills to efficiently deliver your business strategy. Long-listed candidates undergo a rigorous pre-screening assessment, which includes interview questions tailored towards the assignment brief. We compile comprehensive profiles which are used to determine the best match for your organization based on cultural, leadership, performance, team and integration fit. Our search and selection process will reduce your time-to-hire and find you the specialised talent that is critical to drive your business forward.

Reach us at or call Liam Tiddy or Rachel Corbett on 01296 611 306.